Final Deadlines for paper submissions
Abstract Registration: 1 March 2019 22 March 2019 29 March 2019
Full paper submission: 8 March 2019 22 March 2019 29 March 2019

PATMOS has a history of 29 years and it is one of the first conferences world-wide focusing on low power design. The traditional scope of PATMOS conference series has mainly been about the design of circuits and systems optimized for highest performance at lowest power consumption. But meanwhile, power-efficiency has become extremely important for many other areas spreading far beyond this traditional R&D niche. Energy efficiency has become a must in the connected network of battery-operated nodes known as Internet-of-Things (IoT). Wearable devices, home appliances, vehicles and security surveillance systems mostly rely on small sensors that should ideally operate on battery charge for days. However, current battery technology can not meet the growing demands of these systems in terms of power. Also, energy-efficient ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructures are a key issue of local and global economies. Based on the current trends, it is predicted that until the year 2030 the electricity consumption caused by the Internet will grow by up to 30 times. In addition, the strong increase of wireless communication and the growth of cloud computing require orders of magnitude more computational power. It is the intention of PATMOS 2019 to think beyond current solutions such that the wide gap between computation and the massive energy consumption for ICT infrastructures can be closed.

Starting in 2018, PATMOS will be collocated with two other conferences in closely related topics. Together, the well-established IOLTS and PATMOS as well as the upcoming IVSW, are forming the FEDfRo, the federative event on Design for Robustness. Registering to PATMOS allows visiting events from the other conference tracks. Thus, PATMOS will be part of a larger, better, full-grown three-day event with more attractive shared keynotes and a larger common social program, connecting a larger community.